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"A new vision of development
is emerging. Development is becoming a people-centered process, whose ultimate goal
must be the improvement
of the human condition."

Boutros Boutros-Ghali

former United Nations
Secretary General

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Type 1 Diabetes

CureDM’s Human proIslet Peptide (HIP) stimulates the natural process of islet neogenesis. The goal is to develop treatment with HIP that would involve several doses per day for a period of 12-24 weeks, during which time the patient’s insulin injections and dosages may be decreased and eventually eliminated as HIP stimulates the regeneration of new islet structures and their resident insulin producing cells.

In order to prevent the autoimmune attack to the new insulin-producing islets, a new immune treatments, which has been designed to specifically protect islets from attack, will be required in combination with HIP2B. The latest trials with these agents demonstrate that one treatment with these promising new immune tolerance agents may protect islets for as long as 18 months.

CureDM's approach is to quickly restore a significant islet population, by stimulating the natural process of islet regeneration. The goal is to eliminate of the daily use of insulin through a course of treatment with HIP combined with a single immune tolerance agent.