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"Discovery consists of
looking at the same thing
as everyone else and
thinking what no one
else has thought."

Alvert Szent-Gyorgi, MD

1937 Nobel Prize
for Medicine

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CureDM, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company established to develop new therapies that may prevent, ameliorate or reverse diabetes and allow for the discontinuation of insulin.

The research team at CureDM has discovered and is developing a novel human peptide associated with regeneration of insulin-producing islets within the pancreas. This peptide called Human proIslet Peptide (HIP), also known as "HIP2B", stimulates the differentiation of new insulin-producing islets from existing adult pancreatic progenitor cells. Restoration of pancreatic function may be achieved, without the use of stem cells by clinical treatment with this peptide therapeutic. The CureDM approach is to restore new insulin-producing islet structures in patients with diabetes.

Products will be licensed out or partnered to pharmaceutical companies who have an established commercial track record and presence for distribution, sales and marketing in all or selected geographic or therapeutic areas.